Third Weekend

If you seem to have less green than a golf course in your wallet these days, you probably don’t want to spend your cold hard earned cash on a movie. Do not fret! Third weekend is the weekend after the regular Santa Barbara Film Festival events, and all of the movies are free. I decided to give up my precious curling time to go to a documentary, so I could give all of my loyal readers a taste of what goes down at these free movies.


Never been here before. I’m willing to bet you haven’t either. Where even is this.

I walked into a large audience in which 75% of the people were over 60. Apparently only older people are broke now. The movie I decided to watch was called “10 Billion: What’s on Your Plate?”. I didn’t really want to go to this movie mainly because I have a negative attitude towards subtitled movies. However, I figured just to go for the greater good of humankind.


What a view                                      People cleared out pretty quick

Now, I had a hard time deciding what my favorite part of the movie was. It was probably the part where they slit the chicken’s throats and gutting them by vacuuming up the innards. That was really nice. The goal of the movie was to find a way to feed the rapidly growing population. Unfortunately, every new idea seemed to have at least one really bad outcome. So basically, I came out of the movie realizing that we are probably going to end up going to war over some corn. So yea, I’d recommend third weekend.




I honestly did not think that I was going to hit the word limit for my post this week, but man was I wrong. I’m not going to be able to explain the full obscurity of this escapade, but I’ll do the best I can.

Ok, here’s some quick back story. My mother and I were driving back from Los Angeles after seeing a near ophthalmologist (long story short I got a concussion and it was recommended that I see one). My plan was to go see a play about a Nazi and a transvestite, but I decided that I could kill two birds with one stone by going to get something to eat, while doing something that I wasn’t interested in. I decided on Ethiopian food. It’s not that I actively don’t want to eat Ethiopian food, but I would just rather be eating something else, i.e. a hamburger. But the whole point of this blog is to be adventurous, so why not go for it.

So here we are, driving around this random neighborhood by a high school, trying to find the restaurant. We were confused since it was a residential area and there seemed to be no other businesses around. At this point we decided to call them to figure out where the hell we were going. A woman picked up the phone and answered it without any mention of the resturaunt’s name. After we hung up, we were narrowing in on it. When we finally pulled up, we realized that this was not a resturaunt in the traditional sense.


Yes, this was a house, and after reading the two yelp reviews I decided to just dive in head first and hope that this wasn’t just a full scale abduction operation. When we knocked on the door, it was opened by an African woman, and in the dining room seemed to be a family just eating dinner, who showed almost seemed not to notice us. We asked for a menu, and were told to sit down on their couch and wait. It turned out that this wasn’t even Ethiopian food, it was Ugandan food, but I thought “I’m inside some random person’s house on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Do I really care if the food is not exactly that I though it was going to be?” We sat in silence until we were brought a menu, and decided to go all out and order a full meal. I ordered this strange fruit thing with a peanut butter paste on top, rice, and goat. All this time the family was still casually eating their dinner in the next room and we were sitting by ourselves in their living room. This was not the cuisine experience that I was expecting to have.


A sufficient waiting area

The food arrived, and I have to say, it wasn’t all that bad. The best thing was some kind of tortilla like thing, that you were supposed to dip into the lamb broth. There was not anything that I disliked, but I was still pretty confused as to how we ended up dining in a stranger’s house.

At least it’s authentic 

Ambiance 10/10

In all, it was a very entertaining experience, so if you are ever in a similar situation, I suggest that you just go for it because you never know what’s waiting right behind the door.

B.Y.O.B.W. (Bring Your Own Bubble Wrap)

I’m not a huge fan of basketball. On top of that, I’m not a huge fan of college basketball, so going to see a community college basketball game didn’t quite resonate with me in the slightest, so naturally, it was perfect. If you didn’t read my bio because you don’t care about me, then you won’t know that the theme of my blog is going to events around Santa Barbara. However, if I was not writing this blog, I would never go to these events, since I assumed they would not appeal to me.

Anyway, a women’s community college basketball game was not where I expected to spend my Wednesday night, until AJ brought to my attention that a blog post was due two days later.

It was really surprising to realize how little I knew about navigation within the CC campus, especially since I’ve lived in Santa Barbara for 16 years. I was lost for a solid 20 minutes before coming upon the gymnasium.IMG_6483

Send help

This game was not a big game, and it was against Oxnard, so I expected the crowd to be made up of a few CC students who didn’t have homework that night, and some semi-supporting families who were obligated to be there. There were more students than I expected, but the turnout was still minimal. However, the fans were into it. The gym was relatively small, so the enthusiasm of the crowd was amplified all around the building.


Panoramic view. Your move Samsung

The game wasn’t unsatisfactory, but I have a bone to pick with the #1 city college in the nation. First of all, the seating was extremely inadequate. You expect me so sit for 2 hours leaning my back against a concrete wall? Sure, I could’ve sat in the seats with the wooden backrest, but what if it was a play off game where there were more people? I don’t want back problems when I turn 60. My suggestion? Get a piece of foam and run it down the back wall. Honestly, bubble wrap would even work! That way, you won’t only be comfortable, but if the game gets boring, simply start popping the bubble wrap, and I can guarantee the ticket sales will go up once the bubble wrap is installed. I mean, what other way to sell anything? Add in some bubble wrap. You’re welcome SBCC.


Fit for a king