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High School Student currently attending the MAD SBHS

Swap Meet

SBHS is apparently not only home to a school, but also to the swap meat. I found this out after  I arrived at school on saturday morning for the practice AP World History test. After I finished, I decided to go and have a look around.

The first exhibit looked as if this guy had gone through different people’s garages, and taken random boxes with miscellaneous items. There was even a Dora the Explorer pencil pouch, equiped with pencils and everything!


How much for the pointy metal thing and the rusty screwdriver?

I do think that it would be tough to have to go out and sell your used stuff for a little extra cash on the weekends, and good on this guy for helping out with reusing and recycling, but most of the other exhibits were new items.

As I entered into the herd of tents, I began to realise how many piles of clothes there were, just lying there. It seemed as if these people just came in with a dump truck filled with clothes and dumped it there. There was no though whatsoever put into the layout of the items.

Nice and Tidy

As I walked along, I began to find there was an excess of underwear for sale. I looked around one of these tents and found the outfit for me. This particular product was called Vígaro, and it was very well marketed, if I do say so myself. The package had a well toned man in his underwear staring right at me. I knew that if I bought this product, I would become as muscular as this man.


Advertising at its Finest

Overall, it was interesting to go to a swap meet, but I don’t think I’ll do it again, since there wasn’t really nothing of interest to me there, other than boxer shorts.



This past week I decided to go to the hypnosis show at the fair. I was kind of skeptical about this whole concept, and wasn’t quite confident that the hypnotist was’t just going to make me go and rob a bank or something once I was hypnotized.IMG_0092

Anyway, I was picked as one of about 10 people to come up onto the stage. He started talking to us, and slowly we become more relaxed. However, the whole time, I was thinking to myself, “Am I going to become hypnotized?” or “What happens if it doesn’t work?”, and because of this, I paid lees attention to the hypnotist. As a result, I don’t think I became as hypnotized and most of the people up there. However, something was definitely happening and I felt more willing to do whatever the guy told me to do. We were told to do things such as dance to the Banana Boat song, itch our butts, and play instruments. At the end, everyone left the stage, except for one guy who was told that he was stuck to his chair. The hypnotist told him that he could get up once he slapped his hand on a chair. The hypnotist took his time to hit the chair, but when he did, the guy jumped up.

All in all, it was an interesting experience, and I would like to try it again and maybe become more hypnotized.

When I Sat Next to Trump at a Movie

Hello. If you are wondering about my experience sitting next to Donald J. Trump, you are out of luck, since it did not happen. I had to make an interesting title that draws new readers in, and “Documentary” just wasn’t cutting it

I’ll admit, I may have slacked off a bit this week with this whole blog thing. I did  go out and do something, but it honestly could’ve been something a bit more interesting.

This week, I went to a documentary about the Louvre, a museum in Paris. This documentary ended up being mostly about Nazis and their occupation of France in WWII. However, this was not the only thing that it was about. It also incorporated present time coverage of the Louvre as well as fictional interactions between the narrator and Napoleon.



I realized that if you get popcorn, be sure to get a drink, because they put the equivalent of a partially grown Indian elephant’s worth of salt on each kernel. Also, don’t wait to go get a drink if you need one, since the concession stand may be CLOSED. There’s a complaint. If I come out to get something to drink in the middle of an extremely enthralling documentary, and you have just closed down, just give me a drink. My mouth is literally cracking due to the lack of moisture in it, and you refuse to serve me a drink that will take you 45 seconds to make?IMG_0035

You may have noticed that I just went on a rant to fill up words for my post, since nothing really happened at this documentary. I apologize to the staff of the theater whose feelings that I may have just hurt. I’m kidding. Sort of.IMG_0035

I think he’s asleep

Anyway, get pumped for next week’s post. Its gonna be cray-z.


Should’ve just gone here

Kraut Mob

Sauerkraut. How is it made? I sure don’t know. Well, I didn’t know until this last weekend. To be honest, I didn’t really even know what sauerkraut was even made of. This was probably because I’ve never really crossed paths with sauerkraut. This is why I decided to take part in an activity at Earth Day, called “Kraut Mob”, where I would get taught how to make sauerkraut.

It turns out that you really don’t need to do much to make sauerkraut. When I got there, a bin of cabbage was placed in front of me. We were told to “massage” the cabbage, and sprinkle salt on it. The woman who was presenting this “Kraut Mob” was very enthusiastic about the wonders of fermentation. Apparently, we weren’t allowed to take home the sauerkraut that we had made, since it was against the “heath code.” This is when I realized that we were literally doing their work for them, and we were getting nothing in return. I guess they gave us the knowledge of fermentation, but the fact that I was making their product without any reward was a little disheartening. Now that I think about it though, I don’t think they are even selling it. This woman just goes from festival to festival, slowly gaining mass amounts of sauerkraut. Now, there were about 20 people making sauerkraut, and I cannot see a reality in which someone could eat 20 jars worth of sauerkraut a month. Who knows, though. Maybe once you start eating it you can’t stop. I wouldn’t know, I haven’t ever eaten the stuff.

All in all, I got to learn how to make sauerkraut (when I will use this knowledge in life I do not know), and learn about the benefits of fermented food, so if you ask me, iut was an incredibly productive way to spend 20 minutes.

Skip This Post, It’ll Be a Little…DRY

For my escapade this week, I decided to go to Sears to look for a dryer for my Grandfather, with my mom. I recommend that if you have any doubts of this action packed adventure, then you turn back. I don’t need that kind of negativity here on my blog. Anyways, I had not been to a Sears for as long as I can remember, so when we pulled up to the massive parking lot with about 5 cars in it, I was a little confused as to where it was. I then realized that it was the monstrous ugly white building right next to us.


Oh boy

We walked in, and immediately realized that I did not want to stick around and listen to the specs of each individual dryer, so I decided to go off and find my own adventure. In fact, adventure found me. Well, that’s not really true. I came across an escalator! This was by far the crème de la crème of this store. If I was an employee, this is where I would spend my time. Riding the escalators for eternity.


Why aren’t these at amusement parks?

The lack of people made me realize that these massive stores are getting a taste of their own medicine. They put many small companies out of business, and now online stores like Amazon are taking the business away from massive chains like Sears.

After wandering around for a little more I  found the holy grail of all household appliances. The fridges with built in water dispensers. It is a scientific fact that pushing those levers boosts a person’s happiness over 200% and adds on 2 extra minutes to your life. Those things just so satisfying to press. Naturally, I pressed them all and made a compilation video on my Instagram, strictly for research purposes, of course. You may think me childish, but if its you standing in a herd of those things by yourself, you’ll give in to your primal impulses and indulge.


Spot the difference

Overall, I realized that Sears is kind of a depressing place. Everyone in there seems to be unenthusiastic and unhappy, and the barren sales floor, absent of any customers gives it a ghost town kinda feel. But if you need your fix of water dispenser pushing, it’s the place for you.



Dancing men and Clay Sculptures

First Thursday is an event that happens in downtown Santa Barbara on the first Thursday of each month. There are special performances, exhibits, etc. I decided to go and check out the opera performances at the art museum, and as I entered the museum, another exhibit caught my eye. It was a massive clay sphere with a bunch of little clay sculptures on top and smushed onto the sides. I decided to make a little sculpture of my own, and after I had finished, I headed over to where the Opera was being held.IMG_8126

I’m assuming everyone in the audience was into Opera, since there were all stating intently at the woman who was sining. Unfortunately, I do not particularly fancy opera, since I would much rather keep my ear drums intact for as long as humanly possible. It’s really incredible, really how these people can sing such high notes and linger on them for a prolonged amount of time.


Anyway, after I left, I came across some men in some kind of getup, dancing around in the rain with some swords. Upon closer look, I realized that these men were actually preforming a choreographed show for the public. There was some guy playing jolly music on his flute, and as the man danced around, their swords became intertwined to make a five pointed star. I was pretty impressed.

The thing I took away from this is that you never really know what the people all around you do in their free time, be it romping around with their friends preforming songs, or that they are capable of singing in glass breaking tones.


The Jewish Club

Unfortunarelly, I don’t have an insane near death experience xperience to blog about as I normally do, since this week’s activity fell through the holes a little bit. As I was brainstorming about things that I would normally not think of doing, I came across the idea of going to the Jewish club at SBHS at lunch. Apparently, a Rabbi comes with some home baked pizza to give out to the kids who go. This was great since I could knock out a blog post, learn about a religion, and get free pizza.

However, after 10 minutes of searching around the campus and looking in the room that it was supposed to be held in, I realized that I wasn’t going to find it without some help. After asking a few people, I finally found the classroom.

The room that it was being held in was, in fact, the room that I had originally thought it was in. It sat down in the back of the classroom, and observed Rabbi-less room. The kids eating lunch were also watching some tv show. After about 5 minutes, I decided that there was clearly no Jewish club here.I later found out that the club had been canceled that day. It’s a shame, since they could’ve gotten a new convert today.


Adult Coloring Book Club

While looking up events to go to in Santa Barbara, I was hoping to find something a little more out there, and I found exactly what I wanted. It was an Adult coloring book club. Apparently, drawing in coloring books can reduce stress and be extremely relaxing, and there seems to be a growing fan base for this activity, apart from toddlers. I really didn’t know if this is something that I wanted to spend time on, since this seemed like a pretty hit or miss activity. But whatever. I am willing to go through a river or lava to preserve the unwavering devotion of my fans.


So I roll up to the joint, and I walk into the library, where it is hosted. In the middle of the room there was a table with coloring books and supplies The age range was probably about 30-80 years old, and as a talked to people, I realized that I was not alone in coming here for my first time. However, some of the people I talked to were regulars, and preached the benefits of coloring books.

As I started to draw, I realized that it was relaxing, but the stress of a full chapter of world history notes to do when I got home did not go away. In all, the experience was quite interesting and fairly relaxing, but I realized that I was out of practice in my coloring abilities. Below is what I got done in one full hour. My preschool self would be disappointed in me. I guess I’ll just have to go back to practice.

MRI? More like MR Why

If you have abnormal eye movement, like I apparently do, then you probably had to get an MRI to make sure nothing is seriously messed up. This is what I had to do, and going into the office, I expected to just be sitting in a machine for an hour, relaxing. It didn’t seem that hard.


Oh boy

I was led into a room, and stripped of my clothes, and then ushered into a room with some kind of portal that was going to scan my brain waves or something like that. I was given some headphones to listen to music, and decided on Pink Floyd, to help the time go by. However, once inserted into the machine, I realized how futile the music was. The machine began making horrible beeping and screeching sound. Why this was necessary was beyond me, and as I lay in there I began to ponder whether I really needed to be in this machine. The noises were so intrusive, and staring up at the roof of the MRI was so boring, that I was genuinely excited when they took me out to give me an injection. Then back in I went.


“Here put this on. We want you to feel exposed”

This experience thoroughly persuaded me to avoid putting myself in a situation that would result in an MRI, and I would encourage all of you to do the same.


Almost felt like I was about to go on a roller coaster. Little did I know…

Farm Grown vs. Fly Infested

I remember the farmers market being a mile long exhibit with massive tents and hundreds of different food items. However, this is not what I was expecting since I was 5 the last time that I went. 

When I arrived with @camblogit, I realized that I was correct in my prediction of over imagining it. The whole thing is about two blocks, and the tents were pretty average sized. We started walking down the street, and the first thing we noticed was how many strawberry vendors there were. 

If you are in a pinch with money, I suggest that you not go to the farmers market to but your food. It’s quite expensive. This is why, after spending $5 on a slice of pie no bigger than my finger, I realized that there must be another way to get healthy, tasty food. That is when j saw it. The 99 cent plus store. This store is unlike any other. You can buy 5 packs of ramen with just 1 dollar! This is obviously the Promised Land. However, I quickly realized the problems with this store. 
                         The forbidden fruit

Yes, this is what you think it is. All over the produce section were hordes of flies. This was enough to drive me away, but not before buying lucky charms (which turned out not to be lucky charms. Sad, I know), and a couple various snack related items. 

         Farmers market 1.      99 cent store 0

As you can see from the picture above, the farmers market has oranges that seem to be a bit less disease ridden. 

So, if you are looking for a quick cheap snack, which may or may not be covered in mold, 99 cent store is the place for you. However, if you want something that won’t give you the plague, but requires a bit more dough, I’d recommend the farmers market, and I’m sure your body would thank you.