Swap Meet

SBHS is apparently not only home to a school, but also to the swap meat. I found this out after  I arrived at school on saturday morning for the practice AP World History test. After I finished, I decided to go and have a look around.

The first exhibit looked as if this guy had gone through different people’s garages, and taken random boxes with miscellaneous items. There was even a Dora the Explorer pencil pouch, equiped with pencils and everything!


How much for the pointy metal thing and the rusty screwdriver?

I do think that it would be tough to have to go out and sell your used stuff for a little extra cash on the weekends, and good on this guy for helping out with reusing and recycling, but most of the other exhibits were new items.

As I entered into the herd of tents, I began to realise how many piles of clothes there were, just lying there. It seemed as if these people just came in with a dump truck filled with clothes and dumped it there. There was no though whatsoever put into the layout of the items.

Nice and Tidy

As I walked along, I began to find there was an excess of underwear for sale. I looked around one of these tents and found the outfit for me. This particular product was called Vígaro, and it was very well marketed, if I do say so myself. The package had a well toned man in his underwear staring right at me. I knew that if I bought this product, I would become as muscular as this man.


Advertising at its Finest

Overall, it was interesting to go to a swap meet, but I don’t think I’ll do it again, since there wasn’t really nothing of interest to me there, other than boxer shorts.


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