Month: May 2016

Swap Meet

SBHS is apparently not only home to a school, but also to the swap meat. I found this out after  I arrived at school on saturday morning for the practice AP World History test. After I finished, I decided to go and have a look around.

The first exhibit looked as if this guy had gone through different people’s garages, and taken random boxes with miscellaneous items. There was even a Dora the Explorer pencil pouch, equiped with pencils and everything!


How much for the pointy metal thing and the rusty screwdriver?

I do think that it would be tough to have to go out and sell your used stuff for a little extra cash on the weekends, and good on this guy for helping out with reusing and recycling, but most of the other exhibits were new items.

As I entered into the herd of tents, I began to realise how many piles of clothes there were, just lying there. It seemed as if these people just came in with a dump truck filled with clothes and dumped it there. There was no though whatsoever put into the layout of the items.

Nice and Tidy

As I walked along, I began to find there was an excess of underwear for sale. I looked around one of these tents and found the outfit for me. This particular product was called Vígaro, and it was very well marketed, if I do say so myself. The package had a well toned man in his underwear staring right at me. I knew that if I bought this product, I would become as muscular as this man.


Advertising at its Finest

Overall, it was interesting to go to a swap meet, but I don’t think I’ll do it again, since there wasn’t really nothing of interest to me there, other than boxer shorts.



This past week I decided to go to the hypnosis show at the fair. I was kind of skeptical about this whole concept, and wasn’t quite confident that the hypnotist was’t just going to make me go and rob a bank or something once I was hypnotized.IMG_0092

Anyway, I was picked as one of about 10 people to come up onto the stage. He started talking to us, and slowly we become more relaxed. However, the whole time, I was thinking to myself, “Am I going to become hypnotized?” or “What happens if it doesn’t work?”, and because of this, I paid lees attention to the hypnotist. As a result, I don’t think I became as hypnotized and most of the people up there. However, something was definitely happening and I felt more willing to do whatever the guy told me to do. We were told to do things such as dance to the Banana Boat song, itch our butts, and play instruments. At the end, everyone left the stage, except for one guy who was told that he was stuck to his chair. The hypnotist told him that he could get up once he slapped his hand on a chair. The hypnotist took his time to hit the chair, but when he did, the guy jumped up.

All in all, it was an interesting experience, and I would like to try it again and maybe become more hypnotized.