When I Sat Next to Trump at a Movie

Hello. If you are wondering about my experience sitting next to Donald J. Trump, you are out of luck, since it did not happen. I had to make an interesting title that draws new readers in, and “Documentary” just wasn’t cutting it

I’ll admit, I may have slacked off a bit this week with this whole blog thing. I did  go out and do something, but it honestly could’ve been something a bit more interesting.

This week, I went to a documentary about the Louvre, a museum in Paris. This documentary ended up being mostly about Nazis and their occupation of France in WWII. However, this was not the only thing that it was about. It also incorporated present time coverage of the Louvre as well as fictional interactions between the narrator and Napoleon.



I realized that if you get popcorn, be sure to get a drink, because they put the equivalent of a partially grown Indian elephant’s worth of salt on each kernel. Also, don’t wait to go get a drink if you need one, since the concession stand may be CLOSED. There’s a complaint. If I come out to get something to drink in the middle of an extremely enthralling documentary, and you have just closed down, just give me a drink. My mouth is literally cracking due to the lack of moisture in it, and you refuse to serve me a drink that will take you 45 seconds to make?IMG_0035

You may have noticed that I just went on a rant to fill up words for my post, since nothing really happened at this documentary. I apologize to the staff of the theater whose feelings that I may have just hurt. I’m kidding. Sort of.IMG_0035

I think he’s asleep

Anyway, get pumped for next week’s post. Its gonna be cray-z.


Should’ve just gone here


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