Kraut Mob

Sauerkraut. How is it made? I sure don’t know. Well, I didn’t know until this last weekend. To be honest, I didn’t really even know what sauerkraut was even made of. This was probably because I’ve never really crossed paths with sauerkraut. This is why I decided to take part in an activity at Earth Day, called “Kraut Mob”, where I would get taught how to make sauerkraut.

It turns out that you really don’t need to do much to make sauerkraut. When I got there, a bin of cabbage was placed in front of me. We were told to “massage” the cabbage, and sprinkle salt on it. The woman who was presenting this “Kraut Mob” was very enthusiastic about the wonders of fermentation. Apparently, we weren’t allowed to take home the sauerkraut that we had made, since it was against the “heath code.” This is when I realized that we were literally doing their work for them, and we were getting nothing in return. I guess they gave us the knowledge of fermentation, but the fact that I was making their product without any reward was a little disheartening. Now that I think about it though, I don’t think they are even selling it. This woman just goes from festival to festival, slowly gaining mass amounts of sauerkraut. Now, there were about 20 people making sauerkraut, and I cannot see a reality in which someone could eat 20 jars worth of sauerkraut a month. Who knows, though. Maybe once you start eating it you can’t stop. I wouldn’t know, I haven’t ever eaten the stuff.

All in all, I got to learn how to make sauerkraut (when I will use this knowledge in life I do not know), and learn about the benefits of fermented food, so if you ask me, iut was an incredibly productive way to spend 20 minutes.


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