Dancing men and Clay Sculptures

First Thursday is an event that happens in downtown Santa Barbara on the first Thursday of each month. There are special performances, exhibits, etc. I decided to go and check out the opera performances at the art museum, and as I entered the museum, another exhibit caught my eye. It was a massive clay sphere with a bunch of little clay sculptures on top and smushed onto the sides. I decided to make a little sculpture of my own, and after I had finished, I headed over to where the Opera was being held.IMG_8126

I’m assuming everyone in the audience was into Opera, since there were all stating intently at the woman who was sining. Unfortunately, I do not particularly fancy opera, since I would much rather keep my ear drums intact for as long as humanly possible. It’s really incredible, really how these people can sing such high notes and linger on them for a prolonged amount of time.


Anyway, after I left, I came across some men in some kind of getup, dancing around in the rain with some swords. Upon closer look, I realized that these men were actually preforming a choreographed show for the public. There was some guy playing jolly music on his flute, and as the man danced around, their swords became intertwined to make a five pointed star. I was pretty impressed.

The thing I took away from this is that you never really know what the people all around you do in their free time, be it romping around with their friends preforming songs, or that they are capable of singing in glass breaking tones.



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