Farm Grown vs. Fly Infested

I remember the farmers market being a mile long exhibit with massive tents and hundreds of different food items. However, this is not what I was expecting since I was 5 the last time that I went. 

When I arrived with @camblogit, I realized that I was correct in my prediction of over imagining it. The whole thing is about two blocks, and the tents were pretty average sized. We started walking down the street, and the first thing we noticed was how many strawberry vendors there were. 

If you are in a pinch with money, I suggest that you not go to the farmers market to but your food. It’s quite expensive. This is why, after spending $5 on a slice of pie no bigger than my finger, I realized that there must be another way to get healthy, tasty food. That is when j saw it. The 99 cent plus store. This store is unlike any other. You can buy 5 packs of ramen with just 1 dollar! This is obviously the Promised Land. However, I quickly realized the problems with this store. 
                         The forbidden fruit

Yes, this is what you think it is. All over the produce section were hordes of flies. This was enough to drive me away, but not before buying lucky charms (which turned out not to be lucky charms. Sad, I know), and a couple various snack related items. 

         Farmers market 1.      99 cent store 0

As you can see from the picture above, the farmers market has oranges that seem to be a bit less disease ridden. 

So, if you are looking for a quick cheap snack, which may or may not be covered in mold, 99 cent store is the place for you. However, if you want something that won’t give you the plague, but requires a bit more dough, I’d recommend the farmers market, and I’m sure your body would thank you. 


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